Magnum Test-Prop 100


Substance: Testosterone propionate,
Brand: Magnum Pharmaceuticals,
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)



Testosterone propionate is an even more moderate discharging anabolic steroid with a short half-life. This trademark permits the customer to run short testosterone propionate instances of 8-10 weeks as impeccable apex blood plasma levels are polished at 2 consistently. Testosterone propionate is routinely utilized for muscle mass structure. The principle clinical sign is for the treatment of androgen insufficiency in male grown-ups either in hypogonadism or andropause. These days’ testosterone propionate is showed up for its use in yearlings to vitalize maximal turn of events.

Best Dose Range for Test-Prop 100

With a definitive goal of the person’s physical make-up and for updated execution, Test Prop doses are a great deal of comparable to the all-out week by week doses of each kind of Testosterone. For the learner, basic dosages of 300-500mg reliably are normally customary. In actuality, even at the low fruition of 300mg reliably, the individual will get results to the degree that diet and arranging are on point. Generally engaging steroid customers may pound up the week by week dosage to 500-700mg reliably to see mind blowing results. Taking everything into account, for those advanced in the area of wellbeing also in like manner with steroid use, they may utilize dosages of 700-1,000mg every seven-day stretch of Testosterone Propionate.

Common Side Effects Associated with Testosterone Propionate

Every single indication of testosterone propionate occurs because of beating the prescribed bits or individual radicalism to the remedy. For any pharmacology, it is fundamental to have a solid way of thinking. Considering, the closeness of side effects regularly shows the nearness of encroachment in the body. There are a few progressively standard side effects:

  • Facial acne
  • Aggressiveness in nature
  • Loss of hair
  • Pain at injection site
  • Growth of hairs on body

Some of the most common side effects of testosterone propionate are listed above. They are experienced by almost everyone who is taking test-prop 100.